The balloon that got away!

Last updated: 3.51pm, Wednesday 20th January 2016 by

We had a selection of balloons at our popcorn launches in Edinburgh last weekend, but one of these intrepid balloons managed to escape & have an adventure of its own…

Believe it or not, this little balloon managed to find itself across the channel in Lieurey, Normandy (Northern France) – over 600 miles away from home!

Fabien came across our balloon, found the Mackie’s Popcorn website, and got in touch to let us know the incredible news!

The balloon may have made it all the way to France, but since settling into its new home has unfortunately lost most of its helium – we reckon we’d be a little bit deflated after an epic journey like that too!

Thanks very much to Fabien & his family for getting in touch – we’re going to send them some Mackie’s Popcorn to hopefully make up for the deflation of their balloon :-)

Merci Fabien!

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